The city becomes her
A fashion story by Tamsin Michael
Is she to breathe mama?
Within 19th century Western societies, particular modes of dress mirrored the inequalities between men and women. Extreme styles of dress were devised to mould women into the romanticised femininity that is prim and proper, delicate, and decorative - creating an ostentatious attire for the everyday. The image series ‘Is she to breathe mama?’ rejects and re-frames these traditional styles and notions of dress that were instrumental in oppressing and controlling women; they have been re-appropriated to present a power uniform for the modern-day woman, applauding femininity that is strong, unapologetic, and unified.
Music Video
Blossom Caldarone - The Princess Song styled by Tamsin Michael
Throughout the course of history, the female form has been cinched, censored, suppressed and accentuated all at once, as women have continuously been pressured into fitting rigid moulds. ‘butter’ relieves the female body from exhausted perceptions of one ideal form - An exploration of non conformity, through the appreciation of fluid and unconventional forms of dress.
Peas In a Pod
An editorial suited for Twin Magazine. Exploring a futuristic possibility of a dystopian society of human clones - where individuality ceases to exist due to a lifetime of mainstream fashion trends.
Digital Dysmorphia
An editorial suited for Dazed Beauty magazine exploring digital innovation; filters and dysmorphia. Questioning if digital editing apps and social media platforms are fuelling distorted perceptions of beauty.
Petals In Motion
Petals In Motion Campaign is a multi-dimensional extension of Charlotte Knowles SS/21 collection ‘Petals’, immersing and engaging the female Instagram audience within a narrative defined by the revival of the 70’s an era of Love and Peace. Whilst rooted in the past, Petals In Motion retains the forward thinking momentum of Charlotte Knowles with the aim to uplift within a time of uncertainty.
Selected work surrounding themes of femininity, self image and the future of beauty.
Lazy Oaf
Ageless Oaf: a rebellious expression of fashion through age. A collaborative campaign responding to a live briefing by Lazy Oaf.
An editorial inspired by the themes of childhood and nostalgia.
A curation of architectural photography produced throughout the development of Tamsin's skills in image-making.
A curation of imagery produced throughout the development of Tamsin's skills in the manipulation of photographic artwork.
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