'Moving to a new country alone. I will never forget how I felt the first day I arrived in NYC. Driving through the rainy suburban outskirts with an angry taxi driver, I questioned if this was the place I should be, a place I had only ever seen on Tv. As we headed towards New York on the horizon, I got this feeling I was entering an alien island. I felt unnerved to ask for my change, would he become enraged? My first food shop felt so significant, I remember I feared to talk to the cashier as he would know I was different? I scanned my apple pay and his “hey have a good day” put my fears at bay.
Quickly this place that felt so alien started to become my safe haven. I felt I started to melt into my surroundings. This place strangely felt more like home than anywhere I had ever been. How could I once have felt so alien?' 
Creative Direction, Photography, Styling, Casting, Art Direction, Poem - Tamsin Michael​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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